Jan 6 2008

new papervision 2 and a new year

Some more breakthroughs with 3D flash have been done by Papervision. The new version is available along with a seperate, effects oriented branch. Check it. Also Mr. Doob continues to amaze, launching his new smells a bit like the ageless Yugop labsite, the Japanese design master.

on a less important note, it is a new year! Our planet is now 4,543,011,832 years old.

Oct 18 2007

Stuff to know about Flash

Rabid flashers are aware that Actionscript3 has unleashed some awesome possibilities with web design. Probably OUR favorite addition is the MIT developed Papervision3D package. I tried to stay away from it since it looked too difficult, but eventually my brain upgraded itself. Actually the problem was I did not understand what was new or different about Actionscript3 and understanding that opened the doors.

My approach to beginning with AS3 was to take apart the source codes provided by the masters – Mr. Doob and Andre Michelle. I was really captivated by their examples of AS3, specifically Andre’s application of physics to Bitmap Data. So little by little I understood how AS3 is written – of course I read a lot about the commands in the Flash Help file and some message boards.

The biggest problem I ran into the beginning was that some AS3 sources provided by Andre were not to be used inside Flash, but had to be compiled by the FlexSDK. Maybe I was looking in the wrong places, but it really feels like there was a void inside Google to help one find out how Flex plays a role. Growing pains I guess.

So for anyone looking for information on how Andre Michelle’s code is actually to be used, download FlexSDK from Adobe (it is free) and read this awesome tutorial by Senocular on how to use MXMLC.exe. It’s possible to edit the source code to compile inside Flash, but this is a pretty good solution (even though some commands are unique to Flex) and let’s you make SWF’s for free.

Mr. Doob’s work was an incredibly easy to understand how to begin with Papervision3D. I hope everyone writes clean code like this fella. His interesting graphics stem from heavy experience in The Demo Scene and probably why I am so excited to take apart his source codes – I’ve been amazed by demos all my life. He also uses the Tweener library in creative ways. Tweener is a code library for creating smooth animation with actionscript instead of using the timeline in Flash GUI.

That reminds me to mention Andre Michelle’s Recycle code dump. He not only has source code on his main website, but also various old code for our use here. I think that’s where I found his great AS3 buttons – it can’t get better than that.

I continued to dive into cutting edge PV3D examples and found these cool coders. I am currently studying their progress and playing with the Lines3D code. There is also an interesting example of BitmapData, but I haven’t looked at it yet.

The Algorithmist – 3DS Max spline use for camera paths or Line3D motion

Zupko - he created the Line3D class and also some interesting uses of Bitmap Data

Hydrotik - his examples of Line3D class were the best explanation of how to use it.

That’s it..ah no it is not you must see the ADHDTV demo done in Flash!

and here’s the papervision3d blog – good for keeping up with whats new in PV3D. Also their blog roll section has links to good blogs with source codes.

Aug 28 2007

living in 3D

Been ages since last post but no matter. What’s on the plate now? Being sucked into 3D rendering and more modeling software. I am fighting to resist the urge to learn more software but it is a hard thing to do once a software proves it is easier to use and renders results that are very attractive. One package that caught my attention is VUE 6. It reeks of Bryce and Poser but claims to be more professional. I have yet to try this out and see, but things like wind and cloud simulation sound very fun.

Back to regular modeling. One very important part of presenting your 3D model is the way it is lit, textured and coloured. This is almost an art in itself with companies set up to do simply one thing, to render and texture your modeled objects. A simple shiny ball is actually a series of settings that have to be done just right to look good. Light refraction, diffusion, caustics behavior all has to be taken into consideration. Although it becomes a somewhat difficult process as you attempt more complex 3D scenes, there is always the best way to learn. Take apart someone else’s work!

There are heaps of 3D packages with their own or 3rd party renderers. I looked at the most popular PC software 3DS Max and found Vray. It is quite nice, and perhaps there are many more like it, but I continued to explore it’s capabilities and found a great place to learn from. The community is at and is a very nicely put together website with a rating system of user submitted materials, rendered on a standard scene. I recommend it as a good place to start your exploration.

May 19 2007

finally got the z3!

the long wait is over at last and it was worth it. The MatCap, subtools, and deformation layers are amazing! Lots of zbrushing ahead for me. stay tuned

May 16 2007

zbrush 3 delayed?

..even the pioneers of modern art missed a deadline :P . I am still awaiting the coming with no complaints. The zbrush3 beta image galleries are milestones in human creativity! The website is of course operational, with plenty of things to look at .

May 15 2007

chugging along

Found some great fractal / dynamics programs last night. One versatile program is chaoscope currently in beta form but highly useable for making stills of lorenz attractors and playing with animation. By version 1.0 an extensive animation interface should be available as well as animation output. The effect is somewhat similar to the legendary SPORE, a nonpublic dynamics animation program that was used in many films and tv shows. Ultrafractal now supports keyframeable animation. A good source of fractal news here, mostly lecture notes and lots of interesting movies.

A bit simpler but equally beautiful is a small program ContextFree, that allows for easy experimentation with code and my favorite feature – animation export. Oh and can’t forget render-to-size feature either, allowing for large resolution output – in turn yielding good print resolution.

Revisted the gallery to find some great experiments by students and pros. One to watch for is deterministic subdivision . Hairfield7 is another interesting alternative to painting.

Also getting back into Flash and epxerimenting a bit with old code from Levitated’s lecture here.

Also Zbrush3 should be available for download in a few hours! finally..allowing for layers with editable 3d meshes will be supported. The material picker and mesh extraction options will be great tools!

Apr 7 2007

nightless sleep

some more great art from japan this time. ‘Living’ sculptures from magnetized metal liquid

still huge troubles with the Internet service here. Apparently these ppl have never ran an ISP before and everyday is a new disaster. The kicker is to make up for badservice on the overloaded server for last month…free service was given to everyone (who potentially would have quit the ISP). So quite slow, but mainly lots of network splits – random websites won’t be able to be accessed sometimes. So, to the rescue come these helpful aids:

DownloadHelper mozilla plugin. Intergrates into your right click menu, grabs any flashvideo. So you can save that awesome youtube vid without having to use a url parser.

in case that doesnt work (due to network split) the trusty www based downloader will

and IF THAT doesnt work…use the above website throught the proxy. That’ll teach them to disconnect you! 100% guaranteed

Nother important one these months is . No more rediculous configuring of browser for IPs that might not even work. Huge list of random websites. Wouldn’t put it past them to steal your passwords though ;)
“free utilities.” Just glanced at this, think something here might be useful one day

Mar 28 2007

bike design

found a great blog that leads to fantastic links about bicycle design. In the process of picking materials to work with on my sculpture to be installed in 6 weeks, I got very intrigued with custom bike frames and even did some sketches too. They are not anywhere interesting as these tho:

and my favorite bike designers, Nicolai frames from Germany 

Mar 27 2007

in the middle of the night

Heard somewhere – the human brain can have 16 thoughts in 1 second. What?

Also recently was told by a person that electricity can not be what travels through the brain, as there is no heat radiation from the neurons.

Are we going backwards? I sure hope so because I want to see more fungus on TV. To me, David Attenborough is a hero. His producers and sponsors are even greater heroes as they succeed in sporadically filling the complete void that is the television. It is complete joy to hear his interpretations of scientific finds, which have sadly became too segmented and spread over the entire spectrum of earthly creatures. No, in actuality it is a great achievement for him to demonstrate that even magnificent creatures are completely ignored by the human mass. However his finest example of scientific narrative that I have found is the “Private Life of Plants” series. Nearly 5 hours of prose solely devoted to the Plant and Fungi kingdom is beautifully interwoven to reveal a fantastic history of life’s first creations. My favorite episode in the series unravels the intricacy of fungi and their omnipresence. The impact of the story like descriptions of their behavior drove me to set foot in the bioengineering library of the university. How different the atmosphere in this building is compared to the law / history / art libraries ? This is truly a great place where I will spend my time. My first 5 books I have borrowed are concerned with Fungus biology and history. To my surprise the text is exactly like any Greek theatre. Intriguing battles for supremacy, mysterious change’s in tactics, fantastical statements hidden in the lines. Every page makes me giggle or drop my jaw as plot twists in chemical relationships are revealed. Truth is better than fiction.

My recent obsession with the Platonic dualism and the origin of human made objects has been affecting my creation and in some ways strengthening my beliefs on originality. There is a true beauty in communication through words and reinterpretation that leads to production. There is something cold, dead, to cloning visual diagrams and art styles.

I told a struggling student artist – you have to study what has already been done – meaning – view works, read history of process, so in turn you can create something new and unique. However, this person’s general belief that it is better to do what you want does have validity (Platonic dualism). It is much more beneficial to do what you feel, than to make something and reinforce it with successful examples of similar work. As I have also wrestled with this a few years ago doing assignments I made a similar mistake in becoming certain that studying old work meant I was being fed visual reasons and graphical laws that legitimized art creation. “That painting is brilliant, it has the damning touch of Goya meets Dadaist absurdity whilst keeping a certain feeling of gloom, reminiscent of paintings by Picasso as he escaped war torn France.” What is that? You made a copy of A, B, C and what the hell do you have that’s yours? There is a market for this product of image reinterpretation, but I like to believe that is not something “art” instructors want of their young students. At some point during instruction a student decides to follow the image, or follow the idea. Studying artists is definitely not about collecting a bag full of styles that you can whip out. It is a very hard field of study of artist’s psychology and their network of ideas. It is akin to feverishly reading the latest tabloid or hearing gossip about an artist’s personal life. After time, some people begin to completely avoid images/songs and begin to read and discuss ideas. Young students commonly get this notion that they are now ARTISTS, and they should NOT be subjected to rules and what has been done and that they must be set free to express themselves. Of course the result of a school kid trying to express themselves is most often complete emptiness. Most are too ashamed to be honest and the majority does what they set out not to do in the first place – they copy what they see. So after all this babble the solution is not to call visual engineering “Art Class.”  Yes there is an incredible science, that when embellished, can be called mind control or non verbal communication, but it must never be called art. That word is way too powerful for a student of visual communication.

Subsequently it is important to be aware that copying an idea from image is profitable. To unknowing people, you bring something new. People found out you can post a video on a website through Break or MuchoSucko, not necessarily YouTube which has earned amazing fame. So perhaps they learned of the Idea through a clone of an image. Or did the people who created youtube copy the idea from someone else and improve it, using the technical skills of visual communication? Here is where modern philosophy picks up, and Deleuze tells us that worshipping the process of production from Ideas is a complete waste of time. Copy the image, steal it, improve it, and make it your own. But Deleuze jumped out of a window and that’s as gratifying as copying images. What else is there to say during insomnia?


Mar 17 2007


With returning to writing on the web must state that IT feels clumsy. Slow server-client communication? Impatience after using Messenger? Loading a seperately looking “interface” for ‘managing” what you want to say is too much of a “middle man.”
Good korean (blog?) website here BUT nothing is accessible because for some reason every korean forum website needs a National ID check. Not bad, but how is that enforced on overseas websites? Anyway gotta get a logon for this website!

In the next week I’ve got to draw a new sculpture,

6-7 collages relating to states of emotion,

draw book graphics + design plan

bout it for the weekend

Ton’s weblinks have accumulated on the pc ( ~3rd year running same windows install). Will post some with descriptions, help organize a library of categories on here – adding Computer, Music, Art Ref, Language, (for)Reading, Bizzare, Game development.