Voice over IP

DID you know? that Skype is an essential communication software for todays age. Not only can you chat and log chats like any other messenger, but it does very good voice and video calling. For a small fee, you can even call land line phone numbers from your pc.

also Thunderbird, from the makers of Firefox browser we all love to use, is an excellent mail client like Outlook. It is very easy to use and setup spam filters, while easy on your system resources.

Cool thing about firefox and thunderbird are the customizeable layouts and the plugins that can make your internet fly. One fine and simple plugin is minimize to tray – letting you run thunderbird while it checks your mail every now and then, but not clutter your desktop or task bar. There are lot’s more, too many perhaps. I also add extra search engines to my firefox search bar, so I can look up dictionary, discographies, wikipedia, without having to go to their sites. A must.

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