The way it should have been

A second post! Why? Because now bloggggin is as easy as opening notepad..dragging in some pictures and bam.

Nice to see that Microsoft Mail (successor to Outlook, and a seperate download) provides a nice, clean RSS reader. Might even subscribe to a feed for the first time.


So found a nice blog about some features I got confused about – this place got me the info I needed on after I had set my UAC (or whatever its called in W7 now) to never notify me.

As the guy says, the installation of gadgets is disabled after you turn off UAC notification… Seems like a redundant safety feature, since I can screw up my system by running a malicious .exe file anyway.

Although there is a registry fix mentioned on their blog, I chose to set my UAC back on since I became slightly more paranoid after reading about the gadget installation lockout . But how? , I had to look it up on their great website. Nice writing, not for retards, will visit again.

*aha. Entering the bugzone it seems,…  re-enabling UAC has not enabled gadgets to work. To the regedit i go. 




What’s that above? Well, that’s is some picture editing capability of Live Write. And on the right is a QR code example..I’ve got a generator here somewhere too

Should make some notes here

  • Saw killer, in-house design samples from a Dutch company, not so much their use of flash and Papervision3D, but their killer 3D team with totally photorealistic renders and movie clips.
  • The Japanese team behind an augmented reality flash project did a great job. I wonder if it’s possible to combine augmented reality into some viral – distributed by QR codes. Surely this is what they are after …its ground zero for it in Japan.
  • Still don’t know how to edit the Windows spelling dictionary terms…

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