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After an age long hiatus, here is a new post! While testing Windows 7 beta, I noticed a blogging accessory advertised by microsoft. It supports quite a large range of bloggers, including wordpress. So let’s see what it can do for increasing the frequency of my posts….


So far so good!

This picture was retrieved from Google imagesearch, and added via the picture insert button. Through the explorer window, it was possible to simply paste the url of the picture and have windows grab the file for use in live writer.

The adjustment of picture position, size and text wrapping is fantastic. Secondly it is simple to change the margins around a picture to make the text wrap pleasing to the eye.

As I type, Live Writer suggests the correct spelling of unknown words. I mistakenly added a word I did not want to the dictionary and it is not very intuitive to find a way inside the dictionary to switch it out.

Changing the category of the post is simply the action of switching the category at the bottom of the Live Writer window.

Re-editing the same exact post after publishing it, is a little unclear – inside Live Writer I have no feedback that I have already posted this. However adjusting this post and publishing it again, does not create a new entry, but simply updates the previous.

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