With returning to writing on the web must state that IT feels clumsy. Slow server-client communication? Impatience after using Messenger? Loading a seperately looking “interface” for ‘managing” what you want to say is too much of a “middle man.”
Good korean (blog?) website here BUT nothing is accessible because for some reason every korean forum website needs a National ID check. Not bad, but how is that enforced on overseas websites? Anyway gotta get a logon for this website!

In the next week I’ve got to draw a new sculpture,

6-7 collages relating to states of emotion,

draw book graphics + design plan

bout it for the weekend

Ton’s weblinks have accumulated on the pc ( ~3rd year running same windows install). Will post some with descriptions, help organize a library of categories on here – adding Computer, Music, Art Ref, Language, (for)Reading, Bizzare, Game development.

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