Chrome and Twitter

Took a short pause from 3D (but getting far in it!) and rearranged my OS. The Windows 7 beta finally ran out and it was time to switch to the Release Client version.

All that OS switching made me turn to Twitter for keeping track of my bookmarks. The easiest way of course is to use a Firefox plug-in or an Explorer accelerator. However Explorer never sat right with me, even though version 8 seems very nice. Firefox, on the other hand, I used since version 1, but lately it seems to bloat in RAM very fast and slow down drastically. I jumped ship onto Chrome – a nice browser but not perfect. The ram usage is much more amiable than Firefox so its becoming the main browser for me.

Blah blahs aside, Chrome does not have much of a Twitter plug-in – but there were two efforts to parse the URL in the address bar to a twitter post inside another browser window and also to post from inside Chrome itself. Combining the two scripts, yielded quite a useable solution for a twitter plug-in.

Extract the following archived folder to your C: drive and modify:

BOSStweet.html (your twitter username and password go here) and

BOSStweetscript.js (your api key and twitter username go here)

As far as I know, you will need the DevChannel version of Google Chrome to use this plug-in. Modify the shortcut for Chrome to point to the directory of the files you extracted. The shortcut will look something like this:

C:\Users\*youraccount*\AppData\Local\Google\Chrome\Application\chrome.exe–enable-extensions –load-extension="C:\BOSStweet"

This is a crude effort (from my side) but it works very well. Here is how it currently looks:


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