Not much MODO today

2 generative pieces of soft that have capability of exporting meshes. I want to use these for some projects sometime.

Structure Synth – this is a bit like Context Free in that it uses grammar to render 3D structures. It has basic exporters for Sunflow java renderer and Blender. I would guess its possible to output to blender and then save an OBJ file for use in MODO and etc.

TopMod – this is really interesting. Crashes a bit, but a must have.


Also watched some cool japanese anime short with robots and power suits called Higan. Could this be an animation pilot for  Maschine Kruger stuff.


Also found an insane blog about Concept spaceships, you couldn’t ask for a better compilation of ship design inspirations.

And checked out some procedural demo by some dude then checked his demo group, and its a very good one.

Also some crazy Lightwave plugins:

  • vRoom that fills empty rooms with a fake interior
  • Fprime that is somewhat real-time rendering with all features.

Vray is also going realtime.

Found the page of Kow Yokoyama – the creator of some awesome kits and a big influence on the sci fi kit scene from the 80’s. Still going strong.

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