More modo today

Watched a video detailing how renders can be saved as PSDs, with multiple layers and alpha channels for the different materials/parts of a model.

Good to know about the rendering capability, but I have to focus on the modeling. After doing some test renders of the projects bundled with the MODO explore series I am very impressed at the speed and quality that a good setup is able to achieve in MODO 64bit.

Found a list of available tutorials for MODO here and watched a great MODO in focus video by Andy Brown. The video focuses on the MODO UI and the a key feature that is explained is the ability to create custom tool windows and then assign hotkeys to pop them open on the workspace.

One of the intro videos references Vertex Monkey for tons of free stuff like materials, scripts and tutorials. Also a computer benchmark section can be found there.ashleywood_bertie[1]

Also a help/reference feature is explained. From the help menu it is possible to view the reference pages for all of MODO’s tools or activate a help mode that will link to the reference pages after clicking on the related tool inside MODO.

Another good resource that i found through Vertex Monkey is a collection of tutorials by the guy from Sabertooth Productions. The macro creation tutorial helped here.

Checked out on vertex monkey how to run scripts and it was a bit of a pain, so there must be an easier way. Probably to create new tool menus for the scripts. Also have to watch out not to get loaded with old 103/202 scripts that are redundant or do not work in 302.

Another Sabpro tutorial was for creating piemenus and editing MODO forms, brought up by pressing F3.


  Also got a reply about assigning multiple keystrokes AND a mouse click to the extra mouse buttons on my logitech mouse. The logitech Setpoint utility does not support assigning both a click and a key stroke to extra buttons, so the tech support suggested I use a thirdparty soft UberOptions. It really rocks!


Took a look at the Zbrush website, and they have opened a texture library with some nice photos and whatnot. Free to grab!


also viewing the MODO 401 preview videos. Quicktimes…so I copied their URLs from Firefoxe’s Page Info window and saved them – to watch in VLC. F* quicktime!

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