Internet Explorer 7

I started getting some wack gambling and free international call popups right after windows startup the other day. Nothing would get rid of this crap. Adaware missed it. ZoneAlarm found 6 tracking spyprogrs (! adaware sux), and still the popups would come up. What seems to have fixed this was a fresh install of Internet Explorer 7 that recently became available from Microsoft. This also coincided with me finally debugging my thousand year old website codes…

Turns out that in February, Internet Explorer blocks flash navigation all together. I’m not sure why they decided to update their browser like that, but I guess it had something to do with hax0rs. In anycase, after 6 months I finally found out about this, and went to fix my flash sites. What needs to be done is to either generate your webpage from a script, which is great in the first place (detect flash plugin, etc, style scripts are the must), or you can do a lengthy Adobe developer fix using some javascript. I found some script from a company providing cheap flash developing tools, that’s a lot quicker and easier to implement. They say it might not work 100%, but looking at it it seems to do the exact same thing as the lengthy Adobe code. Bla bla, anyway

go here if you need to fix your flash navigations for use in Internet Explorer.

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