Starting modo…again

in 2005 I totally failed at grasping MODO, and moved to Maya. I completed one tutorial and was not happy with it. I switched to Zbrush but still feel I need a technical modeling tool along side it.

So I have came back to MODO to do some tutorials.

I have forgotten most of the stuff I did in 2005 with modo 1, or was it 201. So I am starting with the basics. Namely, navigation and customization of the UI.

MODO has a very nice tutorial program called MODO Explore, up in the File menu. It is part of a “card system” that is some funky XML / Macro flashcard presentation that will teach a bunch of stuff to get you started. Very nice.

Silly things like, synchronized viewports, can really stuff you up – so enjoy the video of how to fix this setting. In all, it is best to go through the UI tutorials first.

I did a quick tutorial by building a simple deodorant bottle with a cap.

I used:

  1. The pie menu (macroed to a special key on my Logitech LX710) to navigate around the model.
  2. Falloffs on deformers to quickly sculpt a general shape
  3. deform tools bound to the work axis and local points of the polygons I was working on.
  4. Mesh Edit –> edge loop tool to create creases and more polygons on a surface.
  5. Bevel tool to extend geometry and inset polygons.
  6. Work on separate mesh layers.
  7. Duplicate –> Bridge meshes to join polygons.
  8. pressing space to switch between vertex, edge and polygon selection as well as dropping the tool. *

*The spacebar will not switch between vertex, edge and polygon if you have Items set as your selection – it wont do anything other than drop the tool/deselect your object.

Checking out the rest of the MODO Explore chapters and tried out snapping modes and precision tools.

  • snapping to geometry (background layer) while using the precision scale, with handles set to the scaled object boundary, will correctly scale the object.
  • got a bit lost with the deformation widgets not aligning with the background Mesh, but was able to re align the objects by snapping them to the grid. There is probably some way to realign everything to 0…Since absolute precision tools will pop up widgets at 0,0,0 you really need to have your object correctly placed there – meaning on its pivot.

Finally I checked out constraining a mesh to a background layer, then pushing it – causing a shrink wrap effect to the mesh.

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