watching loots of footy lately and finishing up the PC Suitcase. My modding journal has been getting loads of hits but I’ve been busy tearing what I made apart. I got a fast AMD XP 2500 (i think) in there with 512mb ram. It still needs fans and I have to move the pitch wheel over to the right, since the video cable ended up right under it. Also birthed this for some reason, guess Ableton owns me. Oh right I spend a whole night hexediting the Live 5 skin files. In the end it was just overwhelming but some smarter people have made original skins, and I understand how to switch the waveform color now. I am sure ableton is reworking the entire interface now, to allow people to change their skin colors, because the current skin file format is a mess, and lots of GUI objects are fixed to be matching colors (all section windows, all borders, etc). Who the hell cares about your software color..thats what I came to realize. I guess by allowing just a smidgen of something, will automatically trigger an ALL OR NOTHING response from a consumer. So hopefully ableton will get it right next time, or I’ll stop ranting about freaking skin colors and just use whats given…

Ok useless. But the world cup has been a great time killer. I only got excited watching Trinidad and Tobago fight back Sweden, tho. Argentina and Holland will have a great match next time for sure. June 22! Oh yeah also showing a great example of 2001 Brothomstates genius here. Not only is his musique unique & fun, but he knows how to code some crazy graphics toys.

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