Jun 11 2009

A little too much

Past week or more I’ve spent doing the WMD tutorial by Andy Brown, available in the downloadable lesson pack. The amount of stuff I’ve learned is quite a bit – ranging from modeling procedures, Seneca’s scripts, modifying the user interface, some rendering techniques, and some tricks to get out of sticky situations in MODO (mostly post-boolean problems). I have a full notebook of notes now, but only interest lies in finish the WMD tank model.

There will be still a lot of lessons to go through to bring the project to a close – lighting, scene setup, rendering, and UV/texturing workflow.

One good suggestion I read was to keep a folder of saved projects and screenshots of certain tricks/tips and models – to act as a learning notebook. Writing down all of this stuff, at a point, becomes too slow. If I look at my tank model now, I see everything that I learned and anything that I have forgotten, I can examine closer and remember the workflow.

here is where I am at now.