Jan 15 2008

new phone

today I recieved a nokia 5300. It is a S40 series Nokia and uses Flash Lite 2.0. I should look into development guidelines.

Also would be good to know what exactly can be done with bluetooth and internet through flash lite 2.0. And how to transfer data to and from the phone.

*after a night I gave the phone back…didn’t get to play with the flash capability, but maybe another time.

Jan 6 2008

new papervision 2 and a new year

Some more breakthroughs with 3D flash have been done by Papervision. The new version is available along with a seperate, effects oriented branch. Check it. Also Mr. Doob continues to amaze, launching his new smells a bit like the ageless Yugop labsite, the Japanese design master.

on a less important note, it is a new year! Our planet is now 4,543,011,832 years old.