Aug 28 2007

living in 3D

Been ages since last post but no matter. What’s on the plate now? Being sucked into 3D rendering and more modeling software. I am fighting to resist the urge to learn more software but it is a hard thing to do once a software proves it is easier to use and renders results that are very attractive. One package that caught my attention is VUE 6. It reeks of Bryce and Poser but claims to be more professional. I have yet to try this out and see, but things like wind and cloud simulation sound very fun.

Back to regular modeling. One very important part of presenting your 3D model is the way it is lit, textured and coloured. This is almost an art in itself with companies set up to do simply one thing, to render and texture your modeled objects. A simple shiny ball is actually a series of settings that have to be done just right to look good. Light refraction, diffusion, caustics behavior all has to be taken into consideration. Although it becomes a somewhat difficult process as you attempt more complex 3D scenes, there is always the best way to learn. Take apart someone else’s work!

There are heaps of 3D packages with their own or 3rd party renderers. I looked at the most popular PC software 3DS Max and found Vray. It is quite nice, and perhaps there are many more like it, but I continued to explore it’s capabilities and found a great place to learn from. The community is at and is a very nicely put together website with a rating system of user submitted materials, rendered on a standard scene. I recommend it as a good place to start your exploration.