May 19 2007

finally got the z3!

the long wait is over at last and it was worth it. The MatCap, subtools, and deformation layers are amazing! Lots of zbrushing ahead for me. stay tuned

May 16 2007

zbrush 3 delayed?

..even the pioneers of modern art missed a deadline :P . I am still awaiting the coming with no complaints. The zbrush3 beta image galleries are milestones in human creativity! The website is of course operational, with plenty of things to look at .

May 15 2007

chugging along

Found some great fractal / dynamics programs last night. One versatile program is chaoscope currently in beta form but highly useable for making stills of lorenz attractors and playing with animation. By version 1.0 an extensive animation interface should be available as well as animation output. The effect is somewhat similar to the legendary SPORE, a nonpublic dynamics animation program that was used in many films and tv shows. Ultrafractal now supports keyframeable animation. A good source of fractal news here, mostly lecture notes and lots of interesting movies.

A bit simpler but equally beautiful is a small program ContextFree, that allows for easy experimentation with code and my favorite feature – animation export. Oh and can’t forget render-to-size feature either, allowing for large resolution output – in turn yielding good print resolution.

Revisted the gallery to find some great experiments by students and pros. One to watch for is deterministic subdivision . Hairfield7 is another interesting alternative to painting.

Also getting back into Flash and epxerimenting a bit with old code from Levitated’s lecture here.

Also Zbrush3 should be available for download in a few hours! finally..allowing for layers with editable 3d meshes will be supported. The material picker and mesh extraction options will be great tools!