Apr 7 2007

nightless sleep

some more great art from japan this time. ‘Living’ sculptures from magnetized metal liquid

still huge troubles with the Internet service here. Apparently these ppl have never ran an ISP before and everyday is a new disaster. The kicker is to make up for badservice on the overloaded server for last month…free service was given to everyone (who potentially would have quit the ISP). So quite slow, but mainly lots of network splits – random websites won’t be able to be accessed sometimes. So, to the rescue come these helpful aids:

DownloadHelper mozilla plugin. Intergrates into your right click menu, grabs any flashvideo. So you can save that awesome youtube vid without having to use a url parser.

in case that doesnt work (due to network split) the trusty www based downloader will

and IF THAT doesnt work…use the above website throught the proxy. That’ll teach them to disconnect you! 100% guaranteed

Nother important one these months is . No more rediculous configuring of browser for IPs that might not even work. Huge list of random websites. Wouldn’t put it past them to steal your passwords though ;)
“free utilities.” Just glanced at this, think something here might be useful one day