May 31 2006

MODO revamped, v201 released

Recently the 201 version of MODO from Luxology was released to the public. This version includes a renderer and 3d paint capabilities. Modo is an interesting piece of software since it is one of the newer 3d modeling packages, developed by the old developers of Lightwave. The package is streamlined for effective and quick subdivision modeling.

Also watched some Freeman Perspective. A backwoods looking conspiracy theorist with clever views on secret societies in today’s poilitics. As silly as he may sound, I think he’s at least 80% correct on his calls.

May 31 2006

Back again with the Blog

Decided to resurrect my WordPress blog and begin publicly organizing and sharing my projects and Internet resources.

I’ve filled up some graphics, sound, and torrent search site links on the right. These are the creme of the crop from my collection. They aren’t exactly just archive’s of work, but living breathing sources with their own communities.

Concept art is a spectacular 2D forum centered around a school in San Francisco. You can find great critique from talented people in the game concepts industry or just 13 year olds from sweden that have skills you couldn’t dream of. The best part here for me, is the critique and life drawing posts that include descriptions by instructors from the school.

The Zbrush featured works is a quick thumbnail gallery of master art works in 3D, updated daily. Most of the posters are industry pros using Zbrush2 from Pixologic to add finesse to their Modo, Maya and Lightwave art works. This is a great place to see artificial organic art and catch the intricacies of rendering and modeling photorealism.

The CBS is a 24 hour, multi bandwidth feed of rare electro, techno, ambient, italo, and disco from the capital of awesome – Holland. You can also discuss production and mixing techniques here with very level headed hardcore pros of the raw underground electronica scene from all over the world. Music genre’s broadcasted depend on the day of the week, or special events advertised on the air, or the schedule website posts.

I also added a link to Processing. It’s a graphics coding environment, a bit like visual java, that is very popular with installation or data visualization artists on the web and at the fashionable galleries. It depends on your mathematics and coding expertise on how far you can take this constantly evolving environment. The best part is that it is free and the source code for many many interactive graphics projects are easily findable on the artists’ own websites.

Lastly, a link I went back to today. The Flashtro site. This is a bit strange archive of cracktros and intros from the Amiga days, and even some recent Gameboy Advanced rom rips. People record mp3s of the mod tunes, and rip apart the amiga animations to recreate the cracktros in actionscript. The goal is to get as close of a translation as possible. The great thing is to see people use the animation by ActionScript to recreate old school 3D rotoscoping and text scrollers. After registering a username, you can even access the priceless advanced action script animation code tutorials. Essential for sinking into Flash capabilities!