Aug 6 2006

more vsts

Work at uni has started fulltime now and I’ve only had a chance to jam on Live5 this weekend, and in turn update this journal. I’ve got a mp3 of the live recording here . It sounds pretty tough and was done with my friend Sense on 2 copies of live5. I was also testing live6 Beta but so far have not started using any of the new features. I also feel the addition of video import is really a step in the wrong direction. But alas, here is a great link. Thisis a compilation of fresh free vsts done by the man responsible for Drummatic3 drum synth. The website takes you to pretty great companies giving away free plugins that are checked for quality and originality.

Jun 15 2006

Flash and Modular

Got a couple of files to share today. I (again) taught my friend how to make a flash preloader. Simply start your project after frame 3, since frame 1 and 2 are taken by the preloader code and animation and must not be overlapped with your project.

Also made a drummachine patch for the nord modular. It detects notes pressed and then triggers different drum oscillators. These are mostly preset sounds for now, but at least it works really well. One strange thing I encountered using my midi sequencer is that the C3 note in Live5 is actually C4 for the Nord Modular. So keep that in mind. Not sure about Logic or other sequencers,  but this should be correct = note trigger range is C3-F#3. Screenshot here

Jun 3 2006


Had to mention one of the greatest free VSTs ever made. Synth 1 from Japan, based on the hardware Clavia Nord Lead2. Its pretty light on the CPU, unlike the other free vst link I added – Land of Cockainge SynthEdit vsts. These are a bit bloated for the type of quality and versatility the vsts provide, but still, you can get some awesome sounds. One other great vst I use is Amazon5 ( 800kb rar here ) by Legowelt, very dark detuned synth chords are the main idea.

Speaking of Clavia, any modular fetishists must try their free PC emulation demo of the G2 hardware synthesizer. It’s a lot of fun and the patch mutator (randomize patch settings) is simply genius.

For drums, the Drumatic 3 vst is a must have. This free drum synthesizer will knock your 808 909 loving ass to the ground.

Also did a bit of comic book reading. The Invisibles by the incredible Grant Morrison is truly outlandish. He is also responsible for writing the stories for newer Doom Patrol, Seaguy, and a Batman novel. He is also writing for DC’s newest “52″ comic, which is more traditional in casting but the art is fantastic, done by the best of DC’s artists. The Invisible’s however is simply insane and a must read.

Jun 2 2006

Text to speech

A great online demo (limited # of characters allowed) of text to speech technology done by AT and T. This is the voice of most of your automated phone help lines. Your speech (usually simple numbers or addresses) are translated to text that the computer database searches for, and then spits out information (like your account balance) though this speech to text service. CBS uses it for most of their jingles. Link is on the side now.