Aug 28 2007

living in 3D

Been ages since last post but no matter. What’s on the plate now? Being sucked into 3D rendering and more modeling software. I am fighting to resist the urge to learn more software but it is a hard thing to do once a software proves it is easier to use and renders results that are very attractive. One package that caught my attention is VUE 6. It reeks of Bryce and Poser but claims to be more professional. I have yet to try this out and see, but things like wind and cloud simulation sound very fun.

Back to regular modeling. One very important part of presenting your 3D model is the way it is lit, textured and coloured. This is almost an art in itself with companies set up to do simply one thing, to render and texture your modeled objects. A simple shiny ball is actually a series of settings that have to be done just right to look good. Light refraction, diffusion, caustics behavior all has to be taken into consideration. Although it becomes a somewhat difficult process as you attempt more complex 3D scenes, there is always the best way to learn. Take apart someone else’s work!

There are heaps of 3D packages with their own or 3rd party renderers. I looked at the most popular PC software 3DS Max and found Vray. It is quite nice, and perhaps there are many more like it, but I continued to explore it’s capabilities and found a great place to learn from. The community is at and is a very nicely put together website with a rating system of user submitted materials, rendered on a standard scene. I recommend it as a good place to start your exploration.

May 19 2007

finally got the z3!

the long wait is over at last and it was worth it. The MatCap, subtools, and deformation layers are amazing! Lots of zbrushing ahead for me. stay tuned

May 16 2007

zbrush 3 delayed?

..even the pioneers of modern art missed a deadline :P . I am still awaiting the coming with no complaints. The zbrush3 beta image galleries are milestones in human creativity! The website is of course operational, with plenty of things to look at .

May 15 2007

chugging along

Found some great fractal / dynamics programs last night. One versatile program is chaoscope currently in beta form but highly useable for making stills of lorenz attractors and playing with animation. By version 1.0 an extensive animation interface should be available as well as animation output. The effect is somewhat similar to the legendary SPORE, a nonpublic dynamics animation program that was used in many films and tv shows. Ultrafractal now supports keyframeable animation. A good source of fractal news here, mostly lecture notes and lots of interesting movies.

A bit simpler but equally beautiful is a small program ContextFree, that allows for easy experimentation with code and my favorite feature – animation export. Oh and can’t forget render-to-size feature either, allowing for large resolution output – in turn yielding good print resolution.

Revisted the gallery to find some great experiments by students and pros. One to watch for is deterministic subdivision . Hairfield7 is another interesting alternative to painting.

Also getting back into Flash and epxerimenting a bit with old code from Levitated’s lecture here.

Also Zbrush3 should be available for download in a few hours! finally..allowing for layers with editable 3d meshes will be supported. The material picker and mesh extraction options will be great tools!

Apr 7 2007

nightless sleep

some more great art from japan this time. ‘Living’ sculptures from magnetized metal liquid

still huge troubles with the Internet service here. Apparently these ppl have never ran an ISP before and everyday is a new disaster. The kicker is to make up for badservice on the overloaded server for last month…free service was given to everyone (who potentially would have quit the ISP). So quite slow, but mainly lots of network splits – random websites won’t be able to be accessed sometimes. So, to the rescue come these helpful aids:

DownloadHelper mozilla plugin. Intergrates into your right click menu, grabs any flashvideo. So you can save that awesome youtube vid without having to use a url parser.

in case that doesnt work (due to network split) the trusty www based downloader will

and IF THAT doesnt work…use the above website throught the proxy. That’ll teach them to disconnect you! 100% guaranteed

Nother important one these months is . No more rediculous configuring of browser for IPs that might not even work. Huge list of random websites. Wouldn’t put it past them to steal your passwords though ;)
“free utilities.” Just glanced at this, think something here might be useful one day

Mar 28 2007

bike design

found a great blog that leads to fantastic links about bicycle design. In the process of picking materials to work with on my sculpture to be installed in 6 weeks, I got very intrigued with custom bike frames and even did some sketches too. They are not anywhere interesting as these tho:

and my favorite bike designers, Nicolai frames from Germany 

Jun 20 2006

ill be bak

Hey so I installed W!ndows Vista 64bit and its quite charming. Very hip! Of course its a free beta, now offered from the Micr0$0ft website. Problem is it lacks many drivers that I really hope microsoft gets around to completing or making manufacturers create. So, no sound for my vista with a freebie SBlive! from 1990s. However its worth a try if you have the HD space, its a great OS (from a consumers viewpoint that needs easy navigation around a computer). Actually it might be a bit too much, theres just so much shit to click on in this os! They snuck in some crazy computer sleep function and hid system shutdown under some rickclick menu. I guess ms0ft wants you to allways be connected to their update servers. Who knows, its a crazy environment for sure but which I think will be a great standard.

Jun 15 2006

Flash and Modular

Got a couple of files to share today. I (again) taught my friend how to make a flash preloader. Simply start your project after frame 3, since frame 1 and 2 are taken by the preloader code and animation and must not be overlapped with your project.

Also made a drummachine patch for the nord modular. It detects notes pressed and then triggers different drum oscillators. These are mostly preset sounds for now, but at least it works really well. One strange thing I encountered using my midi sequencer is that the C3 note in Live5 is actually C4 for the Nord Modular. So keep that in mind. Not sure about Logic or other sequencers,  but this should be correct = note trigger range is C3-F#3. Screenshot here

Jun 14 2006

Internet Explorer 7

I started getting some wack gambling and free international call popups right after windows startup the other day. Nothing would get rid of this crap. Adaware missed it. ZoneAlarm found 6 tracking spyprogrs (! adaware sux), and still the popups would come up. What seems to have fixed this was a fresh install of Internet Explorer 7 that recently became available from Microsoft. This also coincided with me finally debugging my thousand year old website codes…

Turns out that in February, Internet Explorer blocks flash navigation all together. I’m not sure why they decided to update their browser like that, but I guess it had something to do with hax0rs. In anycase, after 6 months I finally found out about this, and went to fix my flash sites. What needs to be done is to either generate your webpage from a script, which is great in the first place (detect flash plugin, etc, style scripts are the must), or you can do a lengthy Adobe developer fix using some javascript. I found some script from a company providing cheap flash developing tools, that’s a lot quicker and easier to implement. They say it might not work 100%, but looking at it it seems to do the exact same thing as the lengthy Adobe code. Bla bla, anyway

go here if you need to fix your flash navigations for use in Internet Explorer.

Jun 12 2006


watching loots of footy lately and finishing up the PC Suitcase. My modding journal has been getting loads of hits but I’ve been busy tearing what I made apart. I got a fast AMD XP 2500 (i think) in there with 512mb ram. It still needs fans and I have to move the pitch wheel over to the right, since the video cable ended up right under it. Also birthed this for some reason, guess Ableton owns me. Oh right I spend a whole night hexediting the Live 5 skin files. In the end it was just overwhelming but some smarter people have made original skins, and I understand how to switch the waveform color now. I am sure ableton is reworking the entire interface now, to allow people to change their skin colors, because the current skin file format is a mess, and lots of GUI objects are fixed to be matching colors (all section windows, all borders, etc). Who the hell cares about your software color..thats what I came to realize. I guess by allowing just a smidgen of something, will automatically trigger an ALL OR NOTHING response from a consumer. So hopefully ableton will get it right next time, or I’ll stop ranting about freaking skin colors and just use whats given…

Ok useless. But the world cup has been a great time killer. I only got excited watching Trinidad and Tobago fight back Sweden, tho. Argentina and Holland will have a great match next time for sure. June 22! Oh yeah also showing a great example of 2001 Brothomstates genius here. Not only is his musique unique & fun, but he knows how to code some crazy graphics toys.